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Programmatic Influencer Marketing

Advertise products to your customers in a new way. Programmatic Influencer Marketing makes it possible to buy sponsored posts on Instagram channels from Influencers.

The way we reach people across borders has changed significantly over the past few years. The popular mediums of consumption are no longer television or billboards. Even banner ads and online advertising don’t have the same impact on audiences they once did. Now, social media is in power. Think about whom you turn to for suggestions on what to buy, or where to go. We turn to people we know, people we trust, people we idolize. These people are content producers, photographers, and bloggers all at once; they are Influencers. With the power of Influencers, you can place your brand, and be sure that it will be presented to an audience in a way that appeals to each one.

But how do you manage to find the right people to talk about your brand? Imagine you could get 100 influential people to advertise your brand in five minutes. Would you do it? INFLURY makes this possible. Let us introduce you to the world of Programmatic Influencer Marketing! 

INFLURY is the worldwide first solution that offers Programmatic Influencer Marketing, meaning, providing advertisement from Influencers at scale. With our data-driven technology, we have identified more than two million Influencers worldwide. These Influencers can be booked for your Micro-Influencer campaigns in just a few minutes. You don’t have to research, select, invite and handle the Influencers anymore. By running a Micro-Influencer campaign on INFLURY, the Influencers that reach your target audience are booked and managed automatically for you. Forget about the hours of researching, inviting Influencers and handling campaigns. Due to our data-driven technology, analyzing millions of data points, we are able to find, book and manage as many Influencers for your brand as you want. The entire handling is done by our automated workflows and managed by our Influencer experts. This way we can assure that Influencers are advertising your products as you want them to.


  • 2 million analyzed Influencers worldwide
  • 120 operating countries
  • ø 8 days to complete a campaign

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